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Isn't it time to escape from everyday stress? Sit back and enjoy the care of our experienced professional staff and let them pamper you in our spa & wellness centre offering a whole range of spa and relaxation treatment packages.  You can also use a pool with a counter- counter and a Roman spa with a sauna, steam bath and an infra-red sauna.


The hotel pool

The pool in Orea Spa Hotel Palace Zvon is available to you every day, 9:00am to 11:30am, and 12:30pm to 8:30pm. The pool features a counter-current, massage jets and lights.  The pool is 5 metres wide and 6 metres long, the water temperature is around 29°C. There is also a bar serving soft drinks as well as alcoholic drinks. The hotel guests have free access to the pool.  In the mornings the pool is used for individual or group exercise programmes. 


Roman spa

The Roman Spa include a sauna and a steam bath.  The main effect of the sauna or the steam bath is for the muscles, the relaxation of musculoskeletal system, followed by complete relaxation. The higher temperatures help to increase perspiration and thus to egest toxic substances from the body. Furthermore, the immune system is strengthened and the sauna is a suitable supplement in the prevention of colds. Steam bath also has a positive effect on skin regeneration. The recommended length of stay in the sauna is 15 minutes, then it is advisable to cool the organism in an ice shower and take a short break. Such a procedure may be repeated several times. 

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If you have questions please do not hesitate to contact us - spa and wellness center. Tel .: +420 354 685 113 or
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