The landscape around Mariánské Lázně offers perfect terrain for cyclists because of the slightly rolling countryside, where you can expect never ending steep ascents as well as many interesting places, which you can visit and which can be easily accessed.


Route no. 1 – Teplá Monastery (Klášter Teplá)

Mariánské Lázně – Závišín – Ovesné Kladruby – Teplá Monastery (Klášter Teplá) – Betlém Pond (Betlémský rybník) and back to Mariánské Lázně
Length: 31 km
Marking: red

Description of cycle route no. 1: 

The route goes through an undulating, partly wooded countryside. At first it ascends to the Krakonoš Hotel and through Zádub and Závišín to the highest hill of the Tepelská vrchovina, Podhorní vrch.

Riding along its foot, you will be descending to Ovesné Kladruby, where you can stop to see a few interesting traditional half-timbered newly repaired houses. From there the route passes a body of water called Podhora, goes through a forest towards the holiday resort near Betlém Pond (Betlémský rybník), where you can’t resist refreshing yourself in its water on hot days. After a few hundred metres you will arrive at the monastery in Teplá with its beautiful garden and pond and you can take a guided tour. Its greatest rarity is its outstanding library, whose depository contains more than 80,000 volumes. There is also a restaurant and a hotel in the area. From the monastery the route leads along the opposite shore of Betlém Pond back to Mariánské Lázně.



Route no. 2

Mariánské Lázně – Závišín – Podhorní vrch – Podhorní hájenka – Ovesné Kladruby and through Závišín back to Mariánské Lázně
Length: 19 km
Marking: dark blue

Description of cycle route no. 2:

A route with a variety of ascents and descents. Its main destination is Podhorní vrch and its vicinity. 

From the centre of Mariánské Lázně the route goes up to the Krakonoš Hotel, where there are a few interesting things: the upper station of a cable car, the dilapidated building of a former luxurious hotel and right next to it you can see Park Boheminium with faithful miniatures of different Czech buildings. Through the village of Závišín the route goes on to Podhorní vrch, with its 847 metres above sea level the highest hill of the Tepelská vrchovina, rising significantly above the surrounding landscape with its typical silhouette of the transmission tower on the top. The hill is an igneous basalt tor and on its top there is a very interesting viewpoint, from which you can get a view of the distant landscape. The view is not obstructed by any high trees. There used to be a café where the transmission tower stands today. Going back down through the forest, turn left at the fork towards Podhorní hájenka (a gamekeeper’s lodge) – note the small power station. It is not far from Sirňák. Then the route leads past the water reservoir, Podhora, through Ovesné Kladruby with a few restored half-timbered houses. After a slight ascent through Zavišín it takes you back to Mariánské Lázně.



Route no. 3

Mariánské Lázně – Závišín – Milhostov – Milhostov mofettes (Milhostovské mofety) – Tabákový mlýn – past Lazurový vrch – Holubín – Vlkovice – U Müllerů gamekeeper’s lodge – Mariánské Lázně 
Length: 21 km
Marking: orange
Suitable for mountain bikes.

Description of cycle route no. 3:

This circular route takes you through the meadows and forests of the southern tip of Slavkovský les Protected Landscape Area.

 In its first section it goes up from Mariánské Lázně to the Krakonoš Hotel, where there are a few interesting things: the upper station of a cable car, the dilapidated building of a former luxurious hotel and right next to it you can see Park Boheminium with faithful miniatures of different Czech buildings. Through the village of Závišín the route goes on to Milhostof mofettes (Milhostovské mofety). Cycling through the woods you will see a few springs. You will be heading towards Lazurový vrch, which is a nature reserve established in 1997 to protect the talus forests on the steep slopes where firs and cherry trees grow. It is an interesting area, whose character was formed by the now vanished castle and limestone quarry. Under Lazurový vrch flows the Kosí potok (Blackbird Brook), which is part of a nature park. The rest of the route follows a tarmac road going through Dolní Kramolín, Holubín and Vlkovice back to Mariánské Lázně.



Route no. 4

Mariánské Lázně at Forest Spring (Lesní pramen) – Freedom Alley (Alej Svobody) – Lázně Kynžvart train station –Kynžvart Chateau – Lázně Kynžvart – Holina – Stoh – Mariánské Lázně 
Length: 20 km
Marking: yellow

Description of cycle route no. 4: 

The forest park north of the town, at Forest Spring (Lesní pramen), is where our cycling trip through the landscape of Slavkovský les, including a visit to Kynžvart Chateau and Lázně Kynžvart, begins. 

From Forest Spring (Lesní pramen) the route leads through Freedom Alley (Alej Svobody), which consists of a protected line of 395 oak trees, and then it follows the road past Dvouhrázový rybník towards a seat of the Metternich family – Kynžvart Chateau. This Empire chateau captures your attention due to its neatness and if you take a tour of it, you can see its library and collections that it prides on. After taking a tour and having some refreshments at the local café you can cycle on, ascending slightly to the spa town of Lázně Kynžvart. The spa is used mainly for treating children and is focused on airway disorders. Its most famous springs are Richardka and Viktorka. The zigzag road leads you up, almost to the top of Holina, where in 1990 a nature reserve was established to protect the last remains of the area’s typical fir and beech forests. A forest dirt road will take you back to Mariánské Lázně and to Forest Spring (Lesní pramen).



Route no. 5

Mariánské Lázně – Králův kámen gamekeeper’s lodge – Bašus fork – Kladská – Králův kámen gamekeeper’s lodge – Mariánské Lázně 
Length: 16.8 km
Marking: light blue

Description of cycle route no. 5:

This very romantic route will lead you to Kladská, which is a unique natural site. 

The cycling route starts at Forest Spring (Lesní pramen) in the forest park above Mariánské Lázně. It ascends slightly following the road to Kladská, past Králův kámen gamekeeper’s lodge and then turning towards Bašus. It goes on to the Hunting Lodge (Lovecký zámeček) in Kladská, where it is recommended that you walk the nature trail. The unique local protected area called Kladská Peat Bogs (Kladské rašeliny) contains a rare group of high-moor bogs. From Kladská the road takes you back to Mariánské Lázně.